The Crags

The Crags: map

Places to see near Killarney: The Crags

The Crags is the only public access to the coast between Port Fairy and Yambuk, and provides a panoramic views along the sweeping coastline, as well to the volcanic Lady Julia Percy Island. Located about twelve kilometres west of Port Fairy, The Crags is indicated by a sign not very easy to spot along the Princess Highway, and the area comprehend also an archaeological site and aboriginal cultural sites.

Lady Julia Percy Island is home to over 4000 seals, fairy penguins, birds of prey and has the largest Australian rookeries of fairy prions and diving petrels. Many of the bird species can be viewed from the Crags as they move across the ocean in search of feeding grounds.

The calcarenite cliffs give the visitor a good understanding of The Shipwreck Coast's name, and are even more spectacular during the winter months, when the wild shoreline is hit by big waves and strong winds.

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